Furry Critters is an Accredited Delta dog training school that focuses on positive reward-based behavioural training, providing you with tools to train your dog in basic manners needed in everyday 'real life' situations.The focus of our classes is to ignore unwanted behaviours and to reward desired behaviours.  Positive training is easy on the dogs, it increases their desire to learn, it enhances the bond between you and overall it helps them lead happier lives.

Reward based training doesn't require physical strength to achieve results, just consistency and a desire to learn and connect with your dog.  In adopting this method and teaching your dog with positive reinforcement, corrections are not used.  Very solid skills are achieved in this way. All dogs love learning this way as do their humans. Positive trainers do punish their dogs, but not in the traditional sense of the word. They may withhold a reinforcer, or access to fun, or ignore the dog for a few seconds! If you aren't ignoring your dog for 'bad' behaviour, then you're reinforcing it. If you pay attention to both 'good' and bad' behaviours, then you're confusing the heck out of your dog! Because both are being reinforced, the dog will continue to do both. More about positive reinforcement training
All our staff are police checked and have first aid training.

Delta Qualified
Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services 2007   
What does Delta mean?


Puppy School:

Thanks again for all of your help to date with Emi. Your puppy class has been extremely valuable and Emi, Greg and I have learnt a lot - even if it does not always appear to be the case in class ;0)
If you still have places available, we would like to enrol Emi into your Super Puppy class.
Kirsten Lange, Elwood




Thanks for the graduation photo and kind words.  We are really impressed and proud of what we’ve achieved with Sidney thanks to your help.
Anne, Caulfield South






Advanced Puppy Classes:
Many thanks for sending through this lovely photo of Jupiter's graduation! 
I also wanted to thank you for the Super Puppy classes and the additional time you've spent with us answering our questions after class.  We've really appreciated the opportunity to benefit from your knowledge. 
Warm regards,
Maree, Port Melbourne

In-house consultation:
Wilbur is doing amazingly well and others have even commented on his better behaviour, so our work with him has been fantastic and rewarding.
We are feeling confident that his integration with the baby will be good, especially with all the great info you gave us. We put the stroller together with him and treats and praise and he is very comfy with the stroller
Thanks again for all your help, we are all happier for it!
Kind regards,
Michelle, St. Kilda