Furry Critters provides individual behavioural training consultations in the home. Sessions focus on
reward-based force-free behavioural training, providing tools to train your dog in basic manners that are needed in everyday 'real life' situations.

This would suit dogs not yet ready for group classes, for those having difficulties in a specific area, or for those wanting a more personal touch. Private sessions specifically cater for your dog's age, breed and circumstance. They are recommended for dogs with behavioural concerns.

These run for 2 hours in length, at a cost of $190, and include experienced advice, written training information, a personalised program and follow-up contact. There is a heavily discounted offer available following these sessions of 3 x 1 hour session pack for $220.
Individual one hour follow ups are still provided at a discounted rate.

A discounted training pack of  5 x 1 hr in-house training classes at a cost of $400 is also available.
Individual one-off training sessions are at a non-discounted rate of $95.

Clients may be referred to a veterinary behaviourist if considered the best avenue for your dog. This is usually because the dog's behaviour is a concern and should be investigated by someone who is qualified to do this, similar to your GP sending you to an eye or skin specialist when you have a relevant problem. Not all dog problems are training problems and some have physiological or psychological problems that require behaviour modification and medication in order to assist with learning. Some problem behaviours may seem ‘not that important’ but can be pre-cursors to more serious problems, or may indicate an underlying problem that needs to be addressed. Just like in people, your pet may have excessively high levels of anxiety, or may have abnormal responses to other animals, people or noises. I will work in conjunction with the veterinary behaviourist. This increases the chances of success and improvement as well as manageability of the main concern.

All staff are police checked and have had first aid training for humans and animals.

*If you are not in our service area and are seeking help, please contact Furry Critters as we are able to refer you to a like minded trainer in your area.

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