Murphy's Paw offers a professional grooming service, qualified staff and the latest in pet retail.
Port Phillip Animal Hospital Veterinary services

Debunking Dominance Many people are still clinging to outdated unscientific ideals when talking about their dog's behaviour!
Stop the 77 Aimed directly at educating children, from a child's point of view but still beneficial for adults in how to behave around dogs. There would be way less dog bites if adults were educated in how dogs should be treated!

Does your dog want to be patted? There would be way less dog bites if adults were educated in what dogs were communicating via body language. Dogs can't speak English - take the time to find a common ground!
Thorough Performance Bowen Therapy for animals.
Australian Working Dog Rescue Inc Giving a new start to the Australian breeds of working dog.

Oscar's Law Abolish the factory farming of dogs in Australia
Pipsqueaks Photography Pet photography
My Best Friend A very special service particularly for elderly and terminally ill companion animals.

Delta Society Delta's mission is to promote & facilitate positive interaction between people and animals.
PPG Pet Professional Guild of Australia - force free training, current best practice.
K9 Events Australia-wide seminar and events index
Dog Welfare Campaign Welfare in dog training, possible consequences of using aversive training techniques.

Pet Net Providing info on cats and dogs, specially targeted at children.
Dog Star Daily Stories and articles by the world's best positive dog trainers.
Open Paw Providing tools to develop lasting and successful relationships between people, their pets & the community.
Sirius Pup Dr. Dunbar created and taught the world's very first puppy class.
Holidaying with Dogs Pet Friendly Accommodation Guide.
Say No To Animals In Pet Shops Supporters of banning the sale of animals in petshops/puppy mills.
Lost & Found Australian wide lost and found service.
Animal Aid Victorian Animal Welfare organisation dedicated to the care of all lost, unwanted and abused animals.
RSPCA A non-government community based animal welfare charity.
Close Puppy Factories Puppy factories/farms/mills are unfortunately found Australia wide.
Lost Dogs' Home Australia's largest animal shelter
Lort Smith Animal Hospital Veterinary services, shelter and rehoming.
Give A Dog A Home Mike Larkin supporting The Lost Dogs Home.
Pet Rescue Finding homes for rescue animals.
Pet Finders Australia Finding homes for animals.
National Pet Register Free identification service for cats and dogs.
Bayside off lead areas

Stonnington off lead areas
Port Phillip off lead areas
City of Melbourne off lead areas
Wildlife Victoria Help for Wildlife in Victoria.
Animals Australia The Voice for Animals.
WSPA  World Society for the Protection of Animals.
Bali Street Dogs Protecting and caring for Bali street dogs.
Animals Asia Foundation Protecting all animals throughout Asia.
Born Free Foundation International wildlife charity working to prevent wild animal suffering & protect threatened species.
Free The Bears Fund Inc
The David Sheldrick Wildlife Fund Dedicated to the protection and preservation of elephants and rhino.