Super Puppy
Designed for pups 16 weeks - 6 months of age

The aim of this 6 week program is to provide training for dogs aged sixteen weeks to six months that have completed Puppy School. This class is structured for puppies that have puppy pre-school, or some preliminary training.

All of our classes are small to provide you with the best training possible - ensuring maximum attention to each and every pup and their human companions in a controlled, positive environment - it is all about quality rather than quantity in respect to a pup's happy and confident development. Bookings are essential to hold your place.

This is the next step for pups and owners to ensure you’re still on the right track. Your pup will have entered another developmental stage at this time, where you will be facing different issues and discovering different behaviours from your pup. Get the right advice.

Pups will build on their current skills and learn to work with distractions. Students will learn how to elicit desired behaviours using positive reinforcement training. This program will also include an introduction to tricks. The curriculum in this class is also based on your responses to a questionnaire upon enrolment. It may be that group classes are not suitable for your pup and one on one training is the best course. This will be determined at time of enrolment.

You may also want to consider an in-house consultation at this time in your pup's life. This is an excellent way to set your pup up for life; training in the environment your pup is spending the majority of his time: toileting, playing with the cat, walking on lead, safety and any issues pertinent to your household. These sessions run for 2 hours in length at a cost of $155, and include relevant written training information; and are followed up to see how you are going and if you have any concerns. One hour follow up home consultations are also possible.

Book an in-house consultation in conjunction with Puppy School and receive a $25 discount!

You will receive experienced advice and information handouts.

Class Times – please contact us 0421 319 164
Class Duration – 6 classes over 6 weeks x 1hour sessions
Class cost - $180

Class locations:

Murphy's Paw
401 Bay Street, Port Melbourne

BOOKINGS 0421 319 164



  • Sit, drop and stay with distractions

  • Polite door exits

  • Walk on loose leash

  • Heel

  • Stop

  • Tricks

  • Polite greetings

  • Recalls

  • and more!